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Investigator - Madness

Madness is an energetic alternative rock song with big intensity and confronting lyrics.

Madness is an energetic alternative rock song with big intensity and confronting lyrics.

This is INVESTIGATOR powering up to the next level, working with hugely talented producer Scott Seabright to bring the best out of Adrian's songwriting. Madness sees him take the sound of the band back to its roots, with acoustic drums replacing the last album's electronic kit and Adrian recording nearly all the guitars himself.

Mastered by the Master himself, Chris Chetland (Kog Studios), these new relationships are already bearing fruit, with the new approach taking the best of the band's sound and making it bigger and better!

A chance encounter brought about an opportunity to bring in Jasper de Roos to the recording studio. The ex-Autozamm drummer is now a session musician, drum tutor and a prolific player across multi-genres. Adrian and Jasper used to kick around on BMX's back in their West Auckland days and now both reside in Northland. As you can hear on the record, Jasper is an absolute weapon and the perfect choice to bring these new songs to life.

Madness is the beginning of a new and exciting phase for INVESTIGATOR and is the title track of a brand-new double EP - eventually combined to make the full concept album Myths & Madness'. Where Madness focuses on everything happening down here on Earth, Myths will tell a new story of Gods and their humanlike fallacy. With the follow up single Tragedy already recorded, each song paints a vivid picture as they intertwine stories and timelines, until reaching the ultimate crescendo!

It all begins here with Madness; a hopeful look into the very near future, the involuntary changing of the guard, a passing of the torch and this is a united front, an all-inclusive world - out with the old and in with the new!