The Rock 1500, cheers to AEG Powertools

The Rock 1500

That’s right…. It’s back!!
Get excited for the best time of the year again!

The World Famous killer countdown is coming soon…

The Rock 1500!!

Start thinking of your top 15 songs because voting kicks off next Monday at 9am!

Keep The Rock loud for more details!

The Rock 1500, cheers to AEG Powertools - the mark of a tradesman.

AEG Powertools have a 6-year trade warranty and are available at Bunnings Warehouse.

 This is the first time this song has ever featured in a Rock 1500 countdown.
RE-ENTRY: This song missed out last year, but made a comeback for 2018.
NUMBERS: This is where the song placed in last year's countdown, so you can compare how it ranks.