Gita getting to ya? Join the thousands of Kiwis prepping to blow the cyclone away

funny shit 20/02/2018

Thousands of Kiwis have signed up for a tongue-in-cheek event to blow Cyclone Gita offshore to protect the country.

The Facebook event 'Blow West At Cyclone Gita To Disperse It' takes place at 6pm Tuesday.

It was set up by the meme page Btfu world and thousands of people have registered their interest.

The event description reads:

"Everyone, Cyclone Gita will be hitting NZ by tomorrow evening and potentially will destroy thousands to even millions of homes.

"We Can Stop This. We need your help, if everyone can blow north west at the same time at 6pm Tuesday Feb 20, we can counteract the cyclone and reverse all the kinetic energy and save New Zealand."

The meme page is also behind the upcoming event 'Lift the SkyTower up so it is actually in the Sky'.