Doggo stays with three-year-old lost in Aussie bush 'til she's rescued

dog 23/04/2018

Max, a 17 yo Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) - who's so old, he's now partially deaf and blind - proved himself to be the goodest of boys over the weekend. The doggo found and stayed with his missing human, overnight, in the Australian bush.

On the 20th of April, at around 3pm, three year old Aurora wandered off from a rural Queensland home. Aurora was found at 8am the following morning, all thanks to Max the good boy, who sniffed out some members of the 100-strong search team and lead them to the toddler.

Aurora was largely okay, bar a few cuts and abrasions. She's bloody lucky, things could have gone different without Max.  

The Queensland police have been so impressed with Max to doggo, they've made him an honorary police dog. 

Bloody love a Monday feel good.