The end of the wolf whistle is here, whistlers facing $1,271 sexual harassment fine

sex 23/05/2018

Love a cheeky whistle of appreciation when a hottie walks on by? Probably time to rethink your means of communication.

France is the process of introducing a law where people dropping wolf-whistles on the streets could be facing a $1,272 (NZD) fine.

This might seem a little extreme to some, but they've brough in this legislation to combat sexual violence. 

Something New Zealand could really be doing do a bit more to combat... 
The French Gender Equality minister Marlene Schiapp explains it's not about stamping out flirting, it's about consent. 

No matter how harmless you think your actions are - turns out bum-pinching, cat-calling, stalking, mystery gift-giving and, yes, wolf-whistling aren't something everybody appreciates.   

And before the lads get salty about discrimination, this French fine will be imposed on EITHER sex.  

Following Weinstein and the #MeToo scandal, some people feel nervous, confused, even threatened about what is and isn't sexual harassment.

If you think you fit into this category the BBC's Rachel Parris has made an excellent guide on how to NOT sexually harass someone. Check it out above.