New rock and metal history book aims to educate kids not to fear the genre

music news 10/12/2018

A new children's book titled 'Don't Fear The Dark' by Lav Nandlall is all the rage now as it aims to educate kids that rock and heavy metal aren't genres to be feared.

Featuring stories from heavy music's history in rhymes and attractive illustrations by artist Kaylee McHugh and design by Jeanine Breuer, the first volume is out for pre-order now, which explores the heavy metal legends like Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Motorhead and many more.

Some of the text includes:

Black Sabbath’s music is filled with dark feels
And the audiences just wanted to rock their heels.
In 1969 their first self-titled album released
And so began the genre of The Beast.

The story moves on to Sabbath’s next album, Paranoid:
This best-selling album gave the band grit
But strange crazy Ozzy wasn’t fit.
He was dabbling in hallucinogenic goo,
Remember kids, drugs are bad for you!

Another excerpt reads:

It all started in Birmingham
With Tony, son of a Candyman,
Ozzy a convicted thief,
Bill, a drumming chief
and a Geezer

Tony chopped his fingers at the factory
And unintentionally made heavy metal history
By tuning his guitar to a lower key
And mastering 3 tones, of which 2 are a D.

What if Dr. Seuss and Ozzy Osbourne spent a crazy night out on the town?

In a statement, Nandlall said, "[These] eleven books aim to educate young headbangers about a music scene that is often overlooked in society as well as inform the ‘littles’ that there’s nothing to fear about metal music."

“The book appeals to tiny tots and metal music lovers who love a good slash of alternative history. There aren’t many commercial books on the topic of metal music, nor are there any books for younger audiences, so this is a first of its kind. It opens discussions about musical inspiration, artistic careers, style statements, adventure, and the macabre. People who are curious and intrigued by a world of music will find that there’s something in there for them.”

You can pre-order this unique book directly via emailing