Uber will start flying taxi trials in Aussie next year and NZ could follow soon after

News 12/06/2019

Flying bloody taxis could be coming to NZ real soon

Uber has announced plans to start trials of its flying taxi service in Melbourne as early as 2020, and the company reckons it'll cost less than a real taxi.

Australia is the first country after America to be part of the 'Uber Elevate' trial.

But what about New Zealand? Well, there are no plans at the moment, but depending on how the trials go in Melbourne, Auckland is in Uber's sights.

"Auckland is a fantastic city to consider Uber Air," said Susan Anderson, regional general manager for Uber in Australia, New Zealand and North Asia

We know that congestion can be a challenge getting into Auckland from surrounding areas and that is the kind of problem Uber is looking to solve.

Design for the Vertical Take Off and Landing ( VTOL) vehicles is still underway, but Uber has committed to making them battery powered with a target range of 100 kilometres. It also wants to help build mega skyports which would be capable of handling 1000 take off and landings every hour.

"Uber Air will operate from sky ports using existing infrastructure, for instance, the top of Westfield Centres or infrastructure that is not utilised, like skyscrapers or old car parks," Anderson said.

The company hopes commercial operations for it's Uber Elevate division will start by 2023.

Would you be keen to get onboard?