Chill your beers in one minute with this new device

Beer 15/01/2020

There’s nothing better than a nice cold brew. But when you realise you forgot to chuck your box in the fridge, a lukewarm beer just won’t cut it. 

Thankfully, Matrix Industries in California has you covered. They’re developing a chiller which uses thermoelectric cooling to cool your beer in just one minute, or your bottle of wine in five. 

All that’s needed to chill your bevvy in a minute is one press of a button. The engine in the chiller spins water around the can which quickly decreases its temperature, without fizzing it up - acting as a ‘reverse microwave’. 

Matrix Industries say “Juno can do so much more than just chill wine. It can turn your freshly brewed coffee cold, transform your hot tea into iced tea, and cool your favourite beer or soda, right in the can."

At the moment you can pre-order yours for $355 and get it around August this year. So, if you’ve got the money, but not the time to spend on cooling your brew, this could be the thing for you.