This GC Boss is rewarding his non-smoking staff a four day holiday a year

Rock News 15/01/2020

For one company, smoko breaks will cost you a four day holiday. 

Don Bryden, the big boss at KCJ Training and Employment solutions in England is encouraging his staff to quit smoking by giving all non-smokers the reward of a four day holiday each year. 

According to Swindon Advertiser, Don says his staff that smoke can spend an hour a day having a smoke break, with some having up to 10 darts a day. 

"Last year, I saw something on social media suggesting that workers who don't smoke should have an extra four days off.

"Everyone was saying it was a great idea but nobody said they would actually do it, so I came into work at the start of January feeling generous and told everyone we would kick it off."

When his staff heard the news, some were quick to say they’d quit - but Don’s no idiot - he’ll give them the holiday once they’ve quit for a year. 

Given how many darts our chimney of a boss churns through, we’re gonna need more than four days in our office.