New Metallica book 'The $24.95 Book' to be released

Our News 22/07/2021

There's a new Metallica book coming out next month, titled 'The $24.95 Book.'

Written by Music Journalist and Writing Teacher Ben Apatoff, the book will follow the band's four-decade career, which has seen them sell more than 125 million records worldwide.

Different chapters of the book will be dedicated to each member, every album, tours, fashion, movies, influences, fandom, and more.

Apatoff said he wanted the book to be "more than a fact book, and not just something people could just look up on the Internet."

Author of 'Dreaming the Beatles' Rob Sheffield has praised the book, saying:

"The metal band everybody knows — but nobody has ever figured out. Ben Apatoff has taken the ultimate deep dive into the dark legend of Metallica, one of rock's weirdest and most fascinating mysteries.

In this brilliant book, he tells the definitive story of how a band of nobodies took on the world—and why the world will never be the same.

'The $24.95 Book' is set to be released on August 15th, and costs $24.95 USD (no sh*t), but here in NZ it'll cost you $36.89.

Pre-order it here

Plus, Metallica themselves are releasing a photo book later this year, 'The Black Album in Black + White,' to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the iconic album.