Ozzy Osbourne 'can't walk properly these days' - but he won't be stopped

Our News 24/05/2022

Ozzy Osbourne has revealed his health issues have escalated to the point of him having trouble walking - but he's still keen to get back to touring. 

"I can’t walk properly these days," the 73-year-old told Classic Rock.

"I have physical therapy every morning. I am somewhat better, but nowhere near as much as I want to be to go back on the road." 

Ozzy said these injuries are lasting damage from a quad bike accident he suffered in 2003, and that he is still waiting on surgery on his neck.

The 'Crazy Train' legend said he's well aware of his own mortality, but he's not about to call it a day just yet. 

At fucking seventy-three I’ve done pretty well. I don’t plan on going anywhere, but my time’s going to come.

He's got big goals for his 70s, including making a chart-topping solo album. 

His last solo album 'Ordinary Man' was released in 2020 and reached number 3 in the UK charts, the highest solo position Ozzy has ever reached.

He is set to release a new album in September of this year.

He also told Classic Rock that he is happy he resolved his issues with Black Sabbath, who kicked Osbourne out in 1979 after they'd had too much of his wild, alcohol and drug-fueled behaviour. 

It was the first band I ever got successful in, so to bury the hatchet after so many years of being at war with each other… it felt good.

"If I hadn’t had success on my own it would have been a different kettle of fish. But it was good to get back to my friends. Life’s too short to have enemies, you know?”

Ozzy caught Covid-19 at the end of April this year, and in 2020 revealed that he has Parkinson’s disease, which has no cure.

So it’s bloody good to see old mate still trucking and still rocking out in the way we know and love him for.