Day 2: Thane and Dunc continue their search for MH370

MH370 - Thane and Dunc 13/06/2018

13.06.2018 - DAY 2: Search For MH370

The boys got to take a boat out today.

The boys heading to their first MH370 search boat - Aaron Ly

No, not the dinghy.

They got out on a real beauty, she was about 45-50 ft long, and they set out in the direction of their coordinates.

They bought state-of-the-art underwater search and rescue video ray equipment on board, plus a reported brand-spanking new sonar (although, we're not sure how true that statement is) to help them track down MH370. 

T & D with the video ray equipment - Aaron Ly

Our salty dog's motored out to about an hour and a half off the coast of Mauritius, near Round Island.

Round Island Mauritius, you beauty. - Aaron Ly

However, the sea was bloody rough, Jeremy was plagued with a serious case of sea sickness (spewed his guts out everywhere, reportedly some of the worst aim ever seen by man, looked like he was on the brink of hospitalisation). 

Plus, the beautiful boat proved to actually be too small for the conditions - so they ended up turning back, tucking themselves behind the island in the pic above. 

She'll be right, eh Jezzer?

Jeremy, prior to puking his guts out.

However, they did not turn around before finding an item of interest.

They can't disclose much, as they had to turn around before they could investigate further, but it lis reportedly a large man-made item. 

They will be returning to investigate, later this week, in a larger boat. Make sure to be tuning into The Rock for more details and follow @therockdrive on Instagram. 

Goodluck lads,