Hunt the Meatpack


Getting your mates around and having a killer BBQ is the greatest way to spend a Friday or Saturday night...or a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Hell any night! 

The Rock is coming to the party by giving away some meatpacks from Elgin Butchery. No you don't have to buy a raffle ticket and hope for the best, you are going to have to hunt for this Meatpack. 

Kicking off on 1st August, if you txt the keyword HUNT to 3520 you'll get a txt back which will tell you what time the Rock Ute will be parked up and where it will be. If you're the first one there then you'll score yourself the meatpack! Easy!

It's all thanks to Elgin Butchery the boil up and home kill specialist with the meatiest bones in town, you'll find them at 695 Childers Road.