Crank it, Wrap it & WIN

Manawatu 13/10/2016


Crank it, Wrap it & WIN

Crank It Cycles are celebrating their 10th birthday, so The Rock Manawatu is pulling out the gift wrap and giving you the chance to Crank it, Wrap it & Win.

It's no secret that a bike is possibly the most difficult gift to wrap but we want to see how creative you can get with your gift wrapping in 244 seconds. 

The Rock Manawatu are looking for three 'father and child' teams to take on the challenge of wrapping a Crank It bike for the chance to win a $500 gift voucher from Crank It Cycles.

Text your name and the keyword CRANK to 3520 to go in the draw to be one of those teams.

After 244 seconds we'll decide which father/child has wrapped the bike the best and they'll win a birthday gift of their own... a $500 voucher to spend on any item at Crank It Cycles. 

‘Crank It, Wrap it and Win’, with Crank It Cycles - 244 Cuba Street, and 95.4 The Rock Manawatu