WIN: The Best Mate Rim Job


How good of a best mate are you? Is it time to do something good for that dickhead ya call a best mate!?

The Rock are teaming up with the boys at Mag & Turbo to award one lucky listener the chance to put some fresh new rims on his best mates car! The question is... Are you really that good of a friend!?

To go in the draw to win: Text the Keyword 'rim' with your name to 3520 to be in the draw to win your best mate a new set of rims for your best mate! 

Imagine how many bevvy's he'll owe you after this! It'll take a while to catch up that's for sure!

If you're looking for a new look yourself, give Aaron and the team in Anderson's Bay a call on 03 455 8590 or check you can check out as well!

If you are The Best Mate Rim Job winner you will be notified before the 21st of October! GOOD LUCK!