The Camping Games


The Camping Games

Summer’s almost here and The Rock have aligned with Manawatu Hunting & Fishing for the first ever, Camping Games.

We're on the hunt for 4 people to take part in a 95.4 second battle to win a share of $3,000 worth of camping gear from Manawatu Hunting & Fishing. 

For your chance to participate in The Camping Games, text GAMES and your name to 3520.

Please note that while this is not obviously not a "fight to the death", we can't promise you'll walk away without a few bruises. Therefore, you must be over 18 to participate. 

The Camping Games will take place at Manawatu Hunting and Fishing on Saturday 26th November at 10am.   

Don you have what it takes to WIN? Stealth, speed and strength recommended.  




“The Camping Games”, with Manawatu Hunting and Fishing and 95.4, The Rock Manawatu.