Canterbury 93.7

Check out what's on the agenda in Canterbury and where you can find our Rock Roadies

Caboodle 2021

Mainstreet Caboodle is coming back to Whanganui for 2021

The Great Mate Speight’s Date

It’s always m8 o'clock over at Speight's and with the local team there being absolute legends, we’re hooking you up with an overdue night out with the

Win $1000 to decorate your home with Resene

To win, all you need to do is dob in a mate who hasn't finished theirs...

Have fun on the water this summer, but get home safe

We've teamed up with our mates from the Harbourmaster’s Office at Environment Canterbury to make sure you get home safe with an epic boat safety prize

The Rock Friday Tapout at Mornington Taphouse

Friday’s just got a heck of a lot better for you and the crew thanks to the legends up at Mornington Taphouse...

The Tuesday Takeaway Workplace Shout

See how you can win your workplace a shout of delicious hot Pizza Hut Pizzas every Tuesday in South Canterbury! All the details you need here!


The Rock Roadies Driven By Hundy

Catch up with your Canterbury Rock Roadies, driven by Hundy

Beachlands Speedway 2020/21 Season

The Rock presents Beachlands Speedway for another season and we're proud to be getting you closer to all the action...

All the Koken Woodford Glen Speedway Details

The Rock is gearing up for a great season of racing at Koken Woodford Glen Speedway. Get the details here!

Win one of three Koken Woodford Glen Speedway VIP Experiences

Click here to see how you could win!

Riverside Speedway

Win tickets to the world's southernmost speedway!

7 Days NZ Tour

Coming to a town near you soon.

THE ROCK Trade Shout thanks to Five Stags

Friday Smoko? Five Stags and The Rock have you covered.