Dave Grohl's spirits lifted while rehearsing for Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show with Rush
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Dave Grohl's spirits lifted while rehearsing for Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show with Rush

Apparently they enjoyed a noice steak in between rehearsals.

Rock and roll legend Dave Grohl has been hanging out and jamming with some other extremely talented musicians ahead of the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert next week.

The Foo Fighters’ frontman was pictured with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson from Rush, as well as the lesser known but just as talented drummer Omar Hakim. 

Hakim, who has worked with a myriad of musical greats, such as David Bowie, Sting, and the Foo Fighters, posted the photo to his Instagram, saying the four of them have had a blast preparing for the tribute concert. 

“Getting ready for the first Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show in London!” the caption reads. “So FUN for Dave and I to rehearse with Geddy and Alex of Rush!!

According to Planet Radio, the quadruplet hit a Steakhouse in Toronto where they are rehearsing for the concert at Wembley Stadium in London on the 3rd of September (4th of September in NZ). 

Alongside the Foo Fighters, Rush and Hakim, the concert will include a massively talented lineup of musicians. John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin; Lars Ulrich from Metallica; Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen; Brian Johnson from AC/DC; Josh Homme from Queen of the Stone Ages and more will be performing in London. 

Tickets for the gig (as well as the one in Los Angeles at the end of September) unsurprisingly sold out just minutes after coming out. 

Luckily though, thanks to the beauty of technology, the whole concert will be live-streamed on MTV’s YouTube channel. Unfortunately for us though, thanks to timezones, the concert will start at 3:30 am on a Sunday in NZ time. 

Loads of the names listed above have had a spot somewhere on our Rock 1000/1500/2000 countdown over the years. Voting has now closed with the countdown starting on Monday (5th September), keep track of the Rock 2000 here.