Muse reveals their new heavier tracks are inspired by Slipknot
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Muse reveals their new heavier tracks are inspired by Slipknot

"They're a band I should have mentioned earlier" - Matt Bellamy
6 September 2022 7:56AM

Matt Bellamy has revealed that Slipknot influenced Muse's new tracks.

The Muse frontman has revealed his 11-year-old son Bingham - who he has with ex-fiancée Kate Hudson - loves to blast the heavy metal group's music on the way to school, and the Corey Taylor-fronted band ended up partially inspiring the tone of the heavier tracks on Muse's new album 'Will Of The People', including ‘Won’t Stand Down’ and ‘Kill Or Be Killed.'

Matt found them "intense" at first but started to appreciate the "amazing" guitar playing upon closer listening.

He said: "They're a band I should have mentioned earlier. Obviously I've known about them for a while but I've never really given them a good listen.

"My son has just become a huge Slipknot fan out of the blue. I'll be driving him to school and he'll be blasting that out.

"I'd be doing my best to deal with that, but the more I listened, the more I realised how amazing the guitar playing was.

"I think one of them (Jim Root) uses an Orange (amp).

"So we used a little Orange on those two heavier tracks."

The 'Plug In Baby' rocker added to Total Guitar magazine: "I'd never say we were trying to sound like Slipknot - there's nothing you can do to sound like that band, because they are just so unique and unbelievable.

"But I feel like we've rediscovered them in the last year.

"I remember when the first album came out (self-titled, 1999) way back when.

"I remember listening to that a fair bit and eventually lost track.

"I went to see them play in a stadium in LA not long ago and it was just so intense ... there's nothing like that."

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