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Metal legends worship Ozzy in new YouTube series about the making of 'Patient Number 9'

"In one take, you were able to access being a pyschopath mental patient."
20 September 2022 10:38AM

The first episode of a YouTube series chronicling the making of metal icon Ozzy Osbourne’s latest album ‘Patient Number 9’ has been released on the star’s Youtube channel and it is a must-watch for any Ozzy fan out there. 

The first episode is titled ‘When Ozzy Calls’ and you can give it a watch below. 

The most apparent theme that comes from the video is just how much Ozzy is idolised by the metal music stars that appear on the album. Andrew Watt (who produced the album) says that absolute legends like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and every other musician on the album did so because Ozzy is pretty much a god in their eyes. 

“Talking about great musicians: whenever there’s an Ozzy album, everyone just shows up,” Watt said.

“Everyone was there because they wanted to be. Everyone was there because they fucking worship Oz.”

The big names backed up that claim. 

Duff McKagan said it was an “honour” to work with Osbourne on the album. Mike McReady shared a similar sentiment, saying that even the smallest association with Oz is something to be proud of. 

“To be able to be a minuscule part of his legacy - like a footnote - is unbelievable,” McReady said. 

There is also some great chat throughout the video. One shining example is about the scream of ‘Mummy’ that Ozzy yells during the intro to the song ‘Patient Number 9’.

The was originally just a long instrumental so the team decided to put something over it.

Normally they take a long time to make sure vocals sound perfect, but Ozzy managed to nail it in one. 

“In one take, you were able to access being a psychopath mental patient,” Watts told Osbourne. 

“Why was that so easy?!” Chad Smith chimes in with before Watts repeats as the three of them erupt in laughter. 

“I’ve had a lot of practice - spend a fucking week in my house” - Ozzy replies. 

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