Comedian smashes back a beer after it was thrown at her by a drunk heckler
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Comedian smashes back a beer after it was thrown at her by a drunk heckler

"Let my teachers know that chugging a beer has in fact been great for my career."

A comedian is going viral for sculling a beer that a heckler threw at her. 

Ariel Elias was finishing off her set at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey when she decided to have a Q&A session with the crowd, which got out of hand pretty quickly. 

Check out the clip below. 

One woman in the crowd asked her a question which will probably always lead to an escalation of the situation no matter the answer: 

“Did you vote for Donald Trump?”

Elias replied jokingly: “Why would you ask me that question when you know I’m the only Jew in the room?” (She is Jewish FYI). 

The heckler continues heckling, telling the comedian she knows she voted for Biden because of the jokes in her set, the crowd gets increasingly restless, and eventually, Elias says “make some noise if you want her to shut up.”

The crowd made noise, which seemingly pissed off the heckler and eventually led them (or someone they were with) to throw their beer at the comedian, missing and hitting the wall, and allowing Elias to have her viral moment by smashing it back. 

I don't what’s dumber from the heckler, trying to talk shit to a comedian whose job is literally to talk shit or throwing a half-full drink at someone, that’s a waste of money and perfectly good beer. 

Since the clip has made the rounds online - almost 3 million views on TikTok - Ariel has been offered to perform on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’. The two had a Twitter exchange where, after Kimmel retweeted the clip of Ariel, she asked if she could come on the show, to which Kimmel said “definitely”. 

Variety reports that the show is in legitimate talks with Ariel to appear on the show. 

Ariel is having fun with the whole situation, tweeting out a couple of jokes.

The club did press charges on the heckler, however none were laid. Ariel is about to enjoy a lot of fame and glory though, which is some sweet, sweet revenge.