John Cena posts photo of NZ batter Glenn Phillips after he walked out to wrestler's iconic song
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John Cena posts photo of NZ batter Glenn Phillips after he walked out to wrestler's iconic song


Last weekend during a Blackcaps game, Glen Phillips walked onto the field with one of the most iconic intro songs of all time playing behind him - John Cena’s ‘The Time is Now’. 

Although the Blackcaps ended up losing the game, one could argue Glen came out as the real winner, since the WWE legend posted the batter to his Instagram.

Spark Sport shared a clip of Phillips running out to the track, and it went pretty viral, with both cricket fans and Cena fans getting behind it.

“John Cena must be a big @blackcapsnz fan 😎,” is the caption of the clip, which has earned over 17,000 likes according to FirstPost. 

Check it out below.

Commenters were loooving it, praising Phillips for the top-tier song choice as well as getting plenty of Cena jokes off. 

“Makes sense, as @glennphillips236 is seeing the cricket ball as a soccer ball these days when he comes out to bat,” commented one. “The song translates well into "you can (from "can't") see me (and "me" referring to the cricket ball)" !!!”. Bit of a stretch mate but can’t fault the effort or the enthusiasm. 

“Cool, this needs to happen more often,” said one more. 

“Can’t see Glen but great song choice mate,” joked one, and about one million other comments are making the same joke. 

A quick word about John Cena’s Instagram - it’s one of the weirdest celebrity Instagram accounts I’ve seen. He never adds any caption or context to his posts, simply showing his 18 plus million followers a random photo.

In his bio he says this is intentional, allowing fans to come up with their own meaning. 

“Welcome to my Instagram,” the bio reads. “These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.”

When you have some free time, have a quick scroll of ol’ John’s Insta, there are some legitimately cool pics in there as well as some pretty weird ones.