Someone got a computer to make a music vid for Soundgarden's 'Black Hole Sun' and it's bizarre
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Someone got a computer to make a music vid for Soundgarden's 'Black Hole Sun' and it's bizarre

That definitely is a black hole sun.

Soundgarden’s legendary song ‘Black Hole Sun’ has been given the AI-music video treatment and the results are pretty haunting. 

The artificial intelligence programme ‘Midjourney’ turned the lyrics of the 1994 tune into photos/paintings, making the end result less of a music video and more of a compilation of images. 

With lines like “‘Neath the black, the sky looks dead”, and “Times are gone for honest men/and sometimes far too long for snakes”, there was always gonna be some out there images the AI would make, and well, there definitely was. 

Check out the full video below, posted by ‘Hanrui Huang’ on YouTube. 

Not bad right? Just as creepily awesome as the song is. 

The original music video is pretty spine-chilling as well. It shows Chris Cornell and his band playing the song on a hill that towers over a stereotypical suburban neighbourhood. The creepy stuff comes as the residents of the neighbourhood's faces get distorted into weird, dead-eyed smiles with huge mouths.

There are also wizards, snake tongues, bats, burning barbies, and, of course, a massive black hole that devours the whole neighbourhood. 

The late Chris Cornell once told Uncut Magazine that the origin for the tune came from mishearing something a reporter said on TV. 

“I wrote it in my head driving home from Bear Creek Studio in Woodinville, a 35–40 minute drive from Seattle,” he said. 

“It sparked from something a news anchor said on TV and I heard wrong. I heard 'blah blah blah black hole sun blah blah blah'. I thought that would make an amazing song title, but what would it sound like?”

Cornell also once told Kerrang! Magazine that he wrote the massive track in only 15 minutes. 

“It’s weird: I wrote ‘Black Hole Sun’ in about 15 minutes and it was a big hit, but I’ve spent weeks and weeks on other songs that weren’t,” he said, answering a question about what songs of his are his favourite.