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This new documentary reveals the dark side of having an extra large piece

The doco reveals the darkside of having a trouser torpedo.

A new documentary-series has just been released in the UK, which follows blokes with extra-large pieces and explores how carrying extra junk can negatively impact their lives. 

The doco, frankly named, ‘My Massive Cock,’ aired on British network Channel 4 last week and drew in more than 700,000 viewers, and caused #MyMassiveCock to trend on Twitter.

The film’s official synopsis reads:

"An extra-large penis is an object of desire for many, but for some men, extra-large seriously complicates their lives and relationships, and penis reduction surgery seems the only answer."

22-year-old Joe is one bloke featured in the doco, who claims his 24cm penis has caused him to be stared at in the streets, made his love life more difficult at times, and even meant he’s been turned down by jobs.

To put that into perspective - the average erect-penis-size in NZ is 13.99cm, so Shower-Joe is rocking a piece 10 cm larger than most blokes in NZ. 

Joe’s wee-fella, or should I say giant-fella, is “thicker than [his] forearm,” and he needs to wear special undies to “fit everything in” and prevent his piece from “falling out.”

Speaking about the time he was rejected from a job due to his trouser-torpedo, Joe said:

“The response I got was, ‘You’re not going to get the job, we thought you were a good candidate, but we thought there was inappropriate behaviour happening..’

“They thought I had an erection throughout this whole interview, and they were very much like, ‘Your attire wasn’t right.’ 

“They clearly meant, ya know, ‘we can see your dick.’”

Check out an excerpt of the doco up top.