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Badass Aussie mum fends off three home intruders using fly spray

The 21-year-old mum turned insect spray into a flame thrower.

An Aussie battler-of-a-mum recently defended her home and family from three intruders, using just a can of bug spray.

As reported by 7News, 21-year-old Tiffany Kendon was getting ready for bed around 10pm on Tuesday (November 1), when three men armed with a baton, knife and taser entered her home.

“We had a gun pointed at us, and there was a lot of screaming,” Kendon said.

Kendon and her partner were in their bedroom on the phone to the police, when one of the intruders tried to enter the room. 

"He took one step towards my bedroom and I was just like, 'No ... I do not appreciate that, I've got two children in here and you need to get the fuck out of my house'," she said.

In a split-second decision, Kendon grabbed a can of insect spray and aimed it at one of the intruders, who just so happened to be activating his taser at the same time. And boom - the insect spray became a flame thrower. 

“The taser basically lit on fire and I lit one of the dudes on fire,” she said.

Kendon says the situation was traumatic, but luckily her and her family were left physically unharmed.

“My toddler slept through the entire thing and I have a newborn so yeah he was just chilling,” she said.

Police are currently investigating the incident. 

Put her in the Maddog Club Jay and Dunc! 

The Morning Rumble were chatting about the incident this morning, and it led them to think about what sort of protection they have if someone broke into their home. Have a watch below:

What do The Rumble have to defend themselves in the middle of the night?
What do The Rumble have to defend themselves in the middle of the night?
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