UK bloke goes on a bender, wakes up 2 days later naked on Thai beach with no recollection
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UK bloke goes on a bender, wakes up 2 days later naked on Thai beach with no recollection

The brewskis and devil's lettuce got him good.

Waking up having no idea where you are or how you got there can happen after a bender. Waking up naked on a Thai beach with no recollection of the past 48 hours isn't quite as common. 

However, that’s exactly what happened to a bloke from the UK recently. The 30-year-old from Epsom, Surrey began celebrating his birthday on the 27th of October. Nothing too out-of-line was going on, just some brewskis and some devil’s lettuce. 

Two days later locals of Koh Samui, an island off the coast of Thailand, spotted him horsed as on a beach. He was reportedly stumbling around and singing football songs before he ran into the sea and tried to swim his way to somewhere only he knows. 

A friendly fisherman tried to help old mate, but the birthday boy wasn’t having it.

“I saw the tourist in the sea struggling to stay afloat so I was worried he could drown,” the fisherman said, as reported by LadBible. “I tried to help him into my boat but he was aggressive.”

Religion was playing a factor in the bloke’s aggression, as he reportedly told his attempted saviour that he wanted to “go and meet with God.”

Don’t we all mate, don’t we all? 

Police eventually found him washed up and naked on a nearby beach. Attempts were made by the cops to try and get him home but the bloke had better things to do: meditate. 

As he was meditating a few police stood around watching him while a translator talked to him. 

“This is not really the time for that,” the translator said. “You’ve got 12 policemen around you.”

“No, I’m not going back,” the man replied. “Let me worry about getting back and let me relax.”

Eventually, he did get back . After being fined for public indecency and passing a drug test the man will be allowed to head back to the UK once his holiday ends. 

Godspeed sir, godspeed.