WATCH: Kid in a full Slipknot outfit crowd surfs at a rock festival with the help of his dad
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WATCH: Kid in a full Slipknot outfit crowd surfs at a rock festival with the help of his dad

Father of the year candidate right there.

A legendary father and son duo are going viral for teaming up to deliver one of the sickest crowd-surfing moments of recent times. 

The kid is fully kitted out in Slipknot gear and looks fkn awesome wearing it. His hair is spiked up into a kickass mohawk as he stands in a perfect surfing stance. 

Dad is lying about as straight as you can as the crowd grabs him and moves him and his little ankle-biter closer and closer to the stage. 

Give it a watch below. 

‘Louder than Life’ Festival 2022 in Kentucky is where the incredible display of father and son bonding took place. 

DED is the band performing on stage while the surfing is going on. Lead singer Joe Cotela notices the young’n and his father, even giving them a shoutout. 

“Surf that shit!" he yells as the crowd cheers them on.

Some more footage of the young whipper-snapper riding the crowd wave emerged on Instagram. The more close-up footage shows just how tight the dad is holding on to his kid and how much the crowd supports them, which is great to see. 

Check out that video below. 

Commenters on the Instagram post are fully grasping just how sick the moment is, praising the dad, the kid, and the crowd. 

“The dopest experience that must have been,” wrote one person. 

“You know that man loves his kid,” said another.

“What a badass job of everyone making sure the dad and kid were good,” commented one more. 

“Kids gonna remember that for f-ing ever,” a final person added. 

Only in rock and roll crowds would you see this type of teamwork and comradery, all while rocking out to some awesome tunes as well. 

From the dad and the kid to everyone in the crowd and even the band on stage - everyone here rocks.