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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul return as their 'Breaking Bad' characters for new Super Bowl Ad

Putting the 'ad' in 'Breaking Bad'.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have returned to the TV screen in a Super Bowl advertisement for a US snack called ‘PopCorners’ - a bit different to the murderous meth cooking adventures we know them from.

It’s been almost ten years since Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul appeared as the criminal duo on ‘Breaking Bad’. The two returned in the 2019 ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’, a one-off sequel of the series, and in the hit TV show ‘Better Call Saul’. Cranston, though, told Extra TV this is probably it for the world of 'Breaking Bad'. 

“This might be the retiring episode of the ‘Breaking Bad’ universe,” he said. “I’ve had opportunities to bring Walter White into the milieu. I did for Aaron’s movie ‘El Camino’ and then once again for ‘Better Call Saul’.”

“We were able to come back and each time, we think, ‘We’ll this is the last time we’re ever going to do this and then PopCorners calls and it was like, ‘Well we’ll do it one more time’,” he added. 

Cranston also talked about how the actors and everyone involved in the show are proud of the end product and want to be careful not to ruin the legacy of the show that changed his life. 

“Vince Gilligan and his writers wrote such an unbelievable series,” the 66-year-old said. “The actors take this and we get inspired by it and our basic goal is not to mess it up… like a fine wine, it has a shelf life so I’m really happy that younger generations are finding it.”

“It changed the paradigm and trajectory of my career so I owe everything to that.”

The commercial will air during Superbowl LVII between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday the 13th of February at 12:30 pm (NZT).