‘Can’t park there brah’: Perth valet driver crashes billionaire's Lamborghinis in hotel carpark
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‘Can’t park there brah’: Perth valet driver crashes billionaire's Lamborghinis in hotel carpark

Not the best day in the office for the young fella.

A valet driver crashed a Lamborgini owned by a billionaire into another Lambo owned by the same bloke, talk about a shocking day at work.

Craig Jones, a world jiu-jitsu champion and coach to Aussie UFC star Alex Volkanovski, filmed the aftermath of the crash at Perth’s The Crown hotel and posted the clip to his Instagram. 

“Fuck bro,” he says as he approaches the two very, very expensive-looking cars. The valet sits in the driver's seat of one that has crashed into the back of the other car probably thinking about future career choices (both cars are valued at AU$900,000 (NZ$986,000) by the way). 

“No way… what are you doing bro?! Just fucking ripped the c*nt off - what are you doing in the car?!” Jones asks the poor valet bloke, who does provide somewhat of an explanation. 

“I was trying to park the car like anybody else sorry - I was just supposed to move it forward,” he says.

“You see those two pedals are so close together? When I was pressing the brake it also pressed the thingy and it just went,” as he’s saying this you can tell he is slowly realising how much shit he’s in - hands in head and many sighs of frustration. 

The depth of the shit he’s in depends on the mercy of Laurence Escalante, reportedly the billionaire owner of the luxury cars.

Australia’s 7News reports that Escalante - who made his fortune by founding an online casino gaming business - posted to his Instagram story confirming the cars are his and the situation is “being sorted”. 

“Sucks, lesson learned for everyone,” Escalante reportedly wrote. “But I’m super lucky and grateful for everything.”

Must be nice to respond to two of your million-dollar possessions being written off with: ‘sucks’ and 'super grateful'.  

Judging from his Instagram, Laurence has a couple more cars in his garages that he’ll be able to use in the meantime.