'I'm still Bruce f*cking Willis': Bruce Willis' epic speech is going viral after dementia news
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'I'm still Bruce f*cking Willis': Bruce Willis' epic speech is going viral after dementia news

"Nothing can keep me down"

A badass speech Bruce Willis made back in 2018 is going viral again after the 'Die Hard' actor was diagnosed with dementia last week.

Stars like Edward Norton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his ex-wife Demi Moore poked fun at Bruce during his Comedy Central Roast, where his baldness, age, and the quality of some of his later movies were the focus of the digs. At the end of the night though, Bruce took to the stage, roasted them back and reminded everyone who he is.

“Nothing can keep me down,” he said. “I’ve been attacked by terrorists, asteroids, film critics, music critics, restaurant critics, divorce lawyers, male pattern baldness and none of it - none of it! - stopped me because I’m still Bruce fucking Willis.”

Willis’ frontotemporal dementia diagnosis has led to many fans sharing more of their favourite moments from the actor’s almost 40-year career.

“This moment from ‘12 Monkeys’ where James Cole transforms from a middle aged man to an eight year old boy is amazing,” says one tweet. “Decades of pain and loss is in his eyes. This is genius film acting. This is the genius of Bruce Willis.”

“There are a lot of younger people who probably haven’t seen Bruce Willis in ‘The Fifth Element’,” another person wrote. “Tonight would be a good night to do that, it’s such a fun movie. It’s the kind of blockbuster that Hollywood is sincerely incapable of producing today.”

Before he was one of the most well-known action movie stars on the planet, Bruce starred in a comedic role in the TV show 'Moonlighting'. “I was obsessed with this show," one person tweeted. "David Addison (Willis’ character) is my guy. I'm pretty sure I still carry him round a bit.”

Willis’ family announced last week that the movie star was officially diagnosed with dementia. It came almost a year after he retired from acting due to suffering from aphasia.