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Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Joan Jett & more star in new super bowl commercial

Have a watch of the new commercial here.

Never thought we’d see Ozzy Osbourne sitting behind a desk with a button-up shirt on, but here we are. 

A new Super Bowl commercial has debuted, starring Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Joan Jett, Paul Stanley, and Gary Clark Jr - called “Rock Star."

The ad is for the system software company Workday, and shows the rockers making fun of the corporate, 9 to 5 work life. Throughout the ad, the various musicians are seen taking issue with the office workers referring to themselves and colleagues as “rock stars.”

"Hey, corporate types, would you stop calling each other rock stars?" Stanley asks.

Then it throws to Jett, who asks, “do you know what it takes to be a rock star?” 

“I was on the road since I was 16; I’ve trashed hotel rooms in 43 countries,” says Idol.

Ozzy is then seen, saying into the camera, “I’ve done my share of bad things. Also your share of bad things.”

Have a watch of the new commercial up top.