Ozzy Osbourne cancels upcoming tour, announces his touring days are over
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Ozzy Osbourne cancels upcoming tour, announces his touring days are over

No More Tours for Ozzy...

No More Tours for Ozzy Osbourne… 

The Prince of Darkness shared a message to fans last night (Feb 1), announcing that he’s had to cancel his upcoming European performances with Judas Priest, and explains it’s the end of his touring days.

"This is probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to share with my loyal fans," he wrote in a social media message. "As you may all know, four years ago, this month, I had a major accident, where I damaged my spine."

He continues, "My one and only purpose during this time has been to get back on stage. My singing voice is fine. However, after three operations, stem cell treatments, endless physical therapy sessions, and most recently groundbreaking Cybernics (HAL) Treatment, my body is still physically weak.

"I am honestly humbled by the way you've all patiently held onto your tickets for all this time, but in all good conscience, I have now come to the realization that I'm not physically capable of doing my upcoming European/UK tour dates, as I know I couldn't deal with the travel required. 

“Believe me when I say that the thought of disappointing my fans really FUCKS ME UP, more than you will ever know."

He added, "Never would I have imagined that my touring days would have ended this way. My team is currently coming up with ideas for where I will be able to perform without having to travel from city to city and country to country."

Ozzy concludes the message with, "I want to thank my family......my band.......my crew......my longtime friends, Judas Priest, and of course, my fans for their endless dedication, loyalty, and support, and for giving me the life that I never ever dreamed I would have. I love you all...”

Ozzy is clearly guttered about the decision; he is one bloke that was determined not to retire from touring. 

In December last year, Ozzy told SiriusXM that he’d “never been this laid up in my life,” but he was “determined to be back on stage” even if he was “nailed to a board with wheels on it.” 

Ozzy mate, thanks for pushing on for as long as you could. The fans understand you need to put your feet up for a bit!