Tommy Lee has tweeted a pic of his junk (again)
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Tommy Lee has tweeted a pic of his junk (again)

Put it away Tommy.

Tommy we knew you were a little crazy, but now we can clearly see you're nuts..

Last year, the Mötley Crüe drummer shocked the internet when he dropped a full-blown dick pick to his social media accounts, and now he’s decided to show us another angle of his junk.

This time, he’s posted his bare ass with his balls dangling between his thighs. Lovely.

The 60-year-old joked about a peanut butter brand in the caption, writing: “Hey @MrPeanut let’s collab!... I’ll bring the NUTZ!!!!”

If you wanna see the photo, you can check it out here. But be warned, it's graphic. 

But the internet isn’t quite as amused as they were with the first nude that Lee posted last year. It seems that for the most part, people are getting over seeing his junk. Same.

Have a look at some of twitters reactions below:

Are Mötley Crüe heading to NZ? Tommy Lee posted a photo earlier this week saying New Zealand are among the countries that the band are visiting next. We’ll let you know if we get any official word!