Burger Fuel Has Launched A Brekkie Menu Complete With Hash Browns, Eggs, Saussies And More
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Burger Fuel Has Launched A Brekkie Menu Complete With Hash Browns, Eggs, Saussies And More

a new fighter has entered the dusty feeds arena

In some big news for those that love a noice brekkie feed, Burger Fuel has chucked their hat in the AM food game. 

Starting tomorrow, the fast food joint will be offering their first ever breakfast menu ‘Fuelling the AM’. From 8 am - 11 am every Wednesday to Sunday, you’ll be able to get some Burger Fuel in ya to kick off your daily proceedings. 

They’ve added a few new items to their latest menu. The ‘DEGGolition Derby’ burger contains the classic bacon & fried egg (over easy) combo.

Burger Fuel's new DEGGOLITION DERBY burger Credit: instagram.com/burgerfuel

If you want to start the day with a bitta sausage action, you can run the ‘Bratwurst 1000’ burger which is made up of “premium bratwurst sausage, crunchy, golden onion rings, melted cheddar, and fresh tomato.”

Burger Fuel's new BRATWURST 1000 burger Credit: instagram.com/burgerfuel

Both breakfast burgers are completed with wholemeal buns, tomato relish, Dijon mustard, and good ol’ Burger Fuel Aioli. 

Also on offer are Smash Browns, some hot Good Joe Coffee, and a Good Joe Espresso Thickshake. 

Burger Fuel made the announcement on their social media this morning and followers seem to be pretty pumped about it. 

“Life changing!!” one person wrote. 

“Such a good idea,” another said. “Hope you have a burger with a hashbrown in it because those SLAP”. 

“Count me in. Love this style of breakfast,” a third added. 

Best believe if I ever find myself dusty with no motivation to cook (like every weekend), I’ll be trying out this new menu for myself. Think that Bratwurst 1000 burger has my name written all over it. 

If they were to add a big breakfast meal to the menu, think it would be game over to other alternatives for dusty morning feeds.