‘Hero’: Dave Grohl does 18-hour shift barbequing for the homeless, again
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‘Hero’: Dave Grohl does 18-hour shift barbequing for the homeless, again

Is someone getting the beef, the beef, the beef, the beef for you?

Dave Grohl has gone above and beyond yet again and we shouldn’t be shocked anymore, we should just applaud the bloke. 

The Foo Fighters frontman spent a mammoth 18 hours cooking food for the homeless just a week after he smashed through a 16-hour shift, also getting his BBQ on for those in need. Hero (the food looks incredible as well). 

Grohl was only asked to drop off the food, but 'Feed The Streets LA' - a charity that provides food, hygiene products, and more to those in need - explained that he worked all through the night to feed every homeless person in the park. 

“On one of those wet and cold rainy days we received a text from none other than Dave Grohl (code name: Dolce & Gabana)—he said he heard about what we were doing and wanted to help out," they wrote in an Instagram post. 

“We threw him into an upcoming activation. He spent 18 hours straight smoking brisket, ribs and pork—with a cooking crew. They stayed up all night and into the sunrise,” they added. 

“The next day Dolce and his team, exhausted and sleep deprived—packed up the food and drove it to MacArthur Park. All they had to do was drop it off and leave, however, they decided to stay and work the line—serve the BBQ with our crew until everyone at the park was fed. If that ain’t a hero we don’t know wtf is,” they said before adding that Dolce & Gabana will be back cooking on the street soon. 

“We’ve been trying to figure out ways to keep up with our activations and continue to put out 3,500 meals a month. It’s not an easy task, especially when several communities experiencing food insecurity rely on us for a decent meal five times a week.”

There’s not a lot that can be said about Dave Grohl that we haven’t said already - just a top-tier human that we should be celebrating.