Monster Energy release alcoholic drinks to celebrate turning 21 and why bloody not
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Monster Energy release alcoholic drinks to celebrate turning 21 and why bloody not

They've got me hook and line, not sure about sinker though

Monster Energy is turning 21 and to celebrate they're releasing a boozy line of beverages. Good on them, and I get it, but I'm gonna need some convincing. 

Their new booze beverages are called ‘Beast Unleashed’ - a possible warning of what will happen when you boof a box of them. Four varieties are on offer - Mean Green, which has the same flavour as the OG Monster Energy drink; Peach Perfect; White Haze; and Scary Berries. 

A few reviews on Untappd - a website/app “that allows users to check in as they drink and share their locations with friends” - say the drinks taste exactly like the energy drinks. Do with that information what you will. 

“It tastes like the original, but with an alcohol kick,” says Chad from Florida.  

“I know the alcohol is there but can’t taste it,” wrote Jeff from Iowa before heeding a warning. “Don’t grab this can in the dark before you head to work!”

Not all reviews are in favour of the Beast Unleashed though (both Chad and Jeff gave the drink 5/5 stars). Kyle from Ohio had four words to say about it: “Puke wtf dish soap”. While someone from Las Vegas said they “can’t imagine many people with self-dignity drinking this willingly.”

The big 2 - 1 is the legal drinking age in the US (currently the only country where the drinks are available), and, as they are turning 21, that’s why Monster decided to drop the new drink line. 

“Our favourite brand Monster is about to turn 21. We figure why not celebrate the big day by making an adult beverage.”

If you’re looking for an energy kick from the new beveragino - a la Nitro - you’re out of luck. The packaging also states they “hit delete on the energy blend, cut out the caffeine, and ditched the sugar.”