There’s now a scientific way to find out if you're a ‘shower’ or a ‘grower’
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There’s now a scientific way to find out if you're a ‘shower’ or a ‘grower’

Scientists are here to settle the age-old debate.

Scientists have been hard at work for this one… and they’ve been working hard as well.

Are you a ‘shower’ or a ‘grower’? The age-old debate has been going around since you started lying about the length of your piece in primary school, and now scientists are here to settle it. 

For those who are not familiar with the phrase, being a ‘grower’ refers to a bloke who's penis becomes considerably larger when having an erection, while a ‘shower’ is a bloke who's piece doesn’t grow much in size when erect. 

Now, Spanish urologists have conducted new research and created a study to find which group the majority of men fall into. 

In the study, ultrasound scans were conducted on 225 men in both erect and flaccid states. 

It was found that blokes whose members grew more than 56% from flaccid to erect fall into the ‘growers’ category, while those who grew 31% when hard are considered ‘showers’.

Of the 225 blokes participating in the study, about 24% were ‘growers’ and around 25% were ‘showers,’ while just over half sat comfortably in the middle between the two categories and aren’t considered to be either.

So, what category do you fall into? According to Metro, ‘showers’ are likely sitting around 4.44 inches on average when flaccid, while ‘growers’ are probably around the 3.56 inches mark - with both categories having similar sized members when erect.

The study wasn’t just conducted for shits and gigs either, it actually had a medical purpose to it. 

It’s important for urologists to be aware of size fluctuations when performing penile surgery, so they can use the appropriate surgical approach depending on how much the patient will grow. 

“It is important to be able to predict if a patient is a grower or a shower as when we see them, they are usually in a flaccid state,” lead researcher Dr. Manuel Alonso-Isa said in a statement. 

“If they grow a lot when they get an erection, it might mean they need a different surgical approach compared to someone who doesn’t grow much.”

In other phallus findings, a recent study has found that the average penis size has grown 24% in recent years

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