‘Big L!’: Israel Adesanya Responds To Pereira Fan's Viral Reaction To UFC Knockout
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‘Big L!’: Israel Adesanya Responds To Pereira Fan's Viral Reaction To UFC Knockout

Izzy still getting shots up days after the fight.

A lot of people don’t want Israel Adesanya to succeed, as his celebratory antics and non-stop shit-talking rub them the wrong way. One of those people found himself on the receiving end of the chat that’s usually reserved for Izzy’s opponents after his hilariously disappointed reaction to the fight went viral. 

Lucas Tracy is an amateur MMA analyst situated on TikTok, and a big fan of Alex Pereria. His live reaction to the wild final moments of the title fight between Adesanya and Pereria made the rounds online for hilariously illustrating how quickly a UFC can go from excitement to extreme disappointment. 

That sequence of “ooh he hurt him” to head in hands silence to a defeated “Adesanya knocked him out” is just *chef’s kiss*. 

Adesanya, incredibly active on Twitter post-victory, retweeted the video. Stylebender reckons Lucas put a bit of money on him going down, which obviously did not end well for Lucas. 

“I think he’s homeless now,” Adesnaya wrote. “Big L!”. 

Alex Volkanovski, an Australian UFC fighter and fellow champion (featherweight division), also saw the humour in Lucas’ rollercoaster reaction, commenting a few laugh emojis. 

The back-and-forth between fan and champion doesn’t end there, though. Lucas - who does in fact have a home still - posted a video on TikTok about Izzy’s tweet. He jokingly admonished Adesanya for making light of his lack of accommodation and showed gratitude towards his newfound internet attention. 

“Israel Adesanya clowning me on Twitter because he’s saying that I’m homeless now,” Lucas says. “Because I was really upset watching him knock out one of my favourite fighters Alex Periera.”

“First of all, shouldn’t be making fun of me now that I’m homeless - I’m really going through it," he says sarcastically. "Also, thanks for the shoutout.”

In the video’s description, Lucas states that he “doesn’t actually bet on fights”.

So, he’s not homeless but is a bit more internet famous. Not bad compensation after watching your fighter of choice get his lights put out.