'The Grand Tour' lads are returning for a Europe special
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'The Grand Tour' lads are returning for a Europe special

It's set to be released real soon.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are back for another special.

‘The Grand Tour: Eurocrash’ will follow the three geezers as they cruise (and crash) in crazy cars through Europe. 

“An unlikely road trip through Central Europe - in cars you’d never have dreamed of,” Prime Video, who stream the show, said in a social media post before announcing the special will be released on the 16th of June. 

Jeremy Clarkson announced the new special on his own Instagram, in a very Jeremy Clarkson way. 

“Three idiots, three shit cars,” he wrote. “The next Grand Tour. Eastern Europe.”

The Sun reports that ‘Eurocrash’ will see Clarkson, Hammond, and May “take on an epic 1,400-mile journey from Gdansk in Poland, through Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia”. During which, they’ll be hooning in some Soviet Formula 1 cars and be chased by archers on horseback. There they bloody are. 

A secret source labelled a ‘TV Insider', reckons the audience is going to froth the new episode. 

“This will be a special like no other,” they said. “Fans are going to lap it up. Nobody thought Central Europe would be an option for a road trip, but the lads have well and truly proven it’s a great destination for petrolheads.”

Last year, headlines speculated a new episode was on the way thanks to Richard Hammond being photographed standing next to a car he supposedly crashed. He’s in full F1 get up and it looks to be on a race track so he’s fine, but still, a crash where no one’s injured can make for some great viewing. 

As mentioned before, ‘The Grand Tour: Eurocrash’ will be released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday the 16th of June.