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Listener Neil is giving $5K a year for 18 years to fund 3-year-old Fern's life-saving treatment

Listener Neil is gifting fellow listener Lisa $5,000 a year until her daughter turns 21.

An incredible story has just gotten even better. 

Her daughter Fern needed a life-saving CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) machine, which costs $5,000 per year and isn’t funded by Pharmac. 

Neil, who was listening to The Rock from Christchurch at the time of Lisa calling, was touched by Fern’s story and wanted to help. We put Neil on-air with Lisa, where he told her he would donate $5,000 out of his own back pocket to go towards Fern’s machine for the year.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the studio, and we were all completely blown away by the generosity of Neil, who was a complete stranger to Lisa. 

Neil’s donation then started a ripple of giving - Parthenon Concrete in Christchurch donated $20,000, and an extra $10,000 was raised through Fern’s Give A Little page

The money raised won’t only go towards Fern’s treatment, but other kiwi kids who also need the life-saving Glucose machine. 

Last night (June 19), 1News featured Neil on their ‘Good Sorts’ segment, where we got to know Lisa, Fern and Neil a bit better. 

During the segment, Neil revealed that he’s not done giving - he’s pledged to donate $5,000 to Lisa every year, until Fern turns 21. That means by Fern’s 21st birthday, Neil would’ve donated $100,000 towards her life-saving machine. 

How f**king incredible is that? 

Lisa is absolutely blown away, calling Neil, “the most generous man” she’s ever met.

“Pretty much an instant family member,” she said. 

We’re all in agreement that Neil is a top bloke - plus a massive thank you to every listener who donated to Fern’s Give A Little following the on-air chat a couple of years ago. It’s pretty bloody epic to see.