Here's where to get the cheapest jug of beer in New Zealand, according to Rock listeners
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Here's where to get the cheapest jug of beer in New Zealand, according to Rock listeners

One bloke reckons his local does a proper jug for just $6.

There’s been all kinds of news stories in the last year or so about beer getting more and more expensive. Cost of living, a C02 shortage, and tax hikes are the main reasoning behind the price increase. 

Counteracting all that horror, Stuff reporter Oliva Caldwell set out to find the cheapest 1-litre jug of beer in New Zealand. The Morning Rumble talked to her about her findings

Coming in at $11, the Lumsden Hotel’s jug of Speights is the cheapest she’s found so far, having only completed her tour of the South Island.

During the interview with Olivia, Rock listeners bombarded the text machine with jugs that beat Lumsden’s on price. We’re yet to confirm if these are legit prices, some may also be for happy hour - which Olivia says doesn’t count. 

Cheapest Jugs in NZ, according to Rock listeners

  • Elbow Room, Hastings: $6 jugs, $8 jugs of Double Brown
  • Judea Tavern, Taurganga: $7.50 jugs
  • Undisclosed pub, Christchurch: Half-price if Wahs are winning, so $7.50 jugs
  • Alexandra Bowling Club, Alexandra: $8 jugs
  • Temps Bar, Christchurch: $9 jugs with full 7 ounces in it
  • The Elmwood Trading Co., Christchurch: $10 jugs of Speights
  • Undisclosed place, Richmond, Nelson: $10.30 jugs of Tui
  • Razza Bar, Twizel: $11 jugs
  • Golden Mile Motel & Tavern, Templeton: $12 jugs, $8 on Sundays
  • Milton Country Club, Tokoiti: $12 jugs, $10 big bottles
  • Main Street Sports Bar, Rangiora: $13 jugs


We also talked to Pearl, the legendary owner of the Tahuna Tavern. She didn’t know if we “could handle her jugs” but let us know it’s $12 for one at her spot. 

“We like to look after our locals, 'cause they look after us,” she said to explain her price. 

There you have it team, the cheapest jugs in the country according to Rock listeners. Have this one bookmarked to utilise next time you’re travelling the country.