Auckland bloke Mike Heard bungy jumped 941 times in 24 hours to smash world record
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Auckland bloke Mike Heard bungy jumped 941 times in 24 hours to smash world record

He's bought the record home again.

Auckland bloke Mike Heard has just reclaimed the world record for the most bungy jumps in 24 hours - with an insane 941 bungy jumps. 

Heard made his first leap off Auckland’s Harbour Bridge yesterday (October 10) at 7am, and wrapped it all up at 7am this morning (October 11), after live streaming the whole thing. What’s even more epic is he managed to raise $7,679 for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand at the same time.

He previously held the Guinness World Record for the most bungy jumps in 24 hours back in 2017 with 430 jumps, but lost the record to a Frenchman last year, who managed 765 jumps at Highland Bungy in Scotland. 

Fittingly, Shihad’s ‘Home Again’ was playing as Heard ticked over 766 jumps as he reclaimed the record. Watch that moment below -

Bungy jump world record
Bungy jump world record
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“It certainly wasn’t easy, and going into it, I knew it would be a massive challenge. The number of jumps we had to hit added a whole new level of nerves to this attempt for me” Heard said, as per a press release. 

“But the record needed to be here, because Bungy was invented in NZ and is a part of our DNA. Remembering this, and having the best Bungy crew in the business, really helped me stay focused and motivated, especially during the harder jumps.

“What’s even more important is this experience provided an opportunity to raise money for a really important cause, mental health. The Mental Health Foundation is a charity that helps improve the lives of thousands of Kiwis with positive support. So far, Kiwis have generously donated $7,679.”

Heard set out to do 800 bungy jumps in the 24-hour window, but considerably exceeded his goal to get to an impressive total of 941 jumps.

AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand managing director and co-founder Henry van Asch sounds absolutely stoked that Heard has achieved his goal and returned the world record to its rightful home here in NZ.

He said, “I’ve been bungy jumping for 35 years and I’ve only done a few more jumps than that myself. 941 jumps in a 24 hour period is a seriously big effort and I think worthy of not just a world record but an unofficial title. Congratulations Mike Heard, Crown Prince of Bungy."

It’s not too late to donate towards the Prince of Bungy’s efforts - kiwi’s can continue to support Heard and the Mental Health Foundation by donating here

Legendary stuff, Mike!