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Sony announces new, sleeker version of PlayStation 5

If PS5's are a bit too bulky for ya, this could be a go.

Sony has announced plans to launch a sleeker version of the PlayStation 5.

The tech giant has confirmed that the smaller console - which will have the same specifications as the current PlayStation 5 - will be released in November.

PlayStation's Sid Shuman explained in a blog post that the new console addresses the "evolving needs of players".

Sid said: "The new PS5 has been reduced in volume by more than 30 percent, and weight by 18 percent and 24 percent compared to the previous models. There are four separate cover panels, with the top portion in a glossy look, while the bottom remains in matte."

The new, sleeker console will be sold in the US first, before it's rolled out elsewhere around the world.

Sid's post explained: "The new PS5 model will be available starting this November in the US at select local retailers and where available. It will continue to roll out globally in the following months. Once inventory of the current PS5 model has sold out, the new PS5 will become the only model available."

Sid also suggested that gamers have plenty to look forward to this Christmas.

He said: "We are ten days away from the launch of Marvel’s 'Spider-Man 2', with additional games including 'Alan Wake 2' and 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' launching shortly after. With these fantastic games coming, in addition to recent releases such as 'EA Sports FC 24', 'Assassin’s Creed: Mirage', and Baldur’s 'Gate 3', there’s plenty for gamers to play on PS5 this holiday season."

Check out a video up top of everything you need to know about the new PS5.

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