WATCH: Bloke wins Halloween with insane light show set to System Of A Down
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WATCH: Bloke wins Halloween with insane light show set to System Of A Down

Photo doesn't do it justice.

We’re more than a week away from Halloween and one bloke has already thrown his hat in the ring for best decorated house. 

Tom BetGeorge makes insane light shows for a living and judging from one of his works, is a huge System Of A Down fan. 

He set up an epic show to the tune of ‘Toxicity’. Every inch of the outside of his house seems to have LED lights on it, there are towering beams of light and the mad lad even chucked in some fireballs. 

Commenters are in absolute awe of the display and a little jealous that’s not their house. 

“If you were my neighbor I would absolutely love this,” one person wrote. “Then I’d have to turn around and pretend like it makes me sick any time my wife brought it up.”

“Dude, that’s it,” another said. “I don’t need to see anyone else’s display. You win.”

“I have decided that I don’t want to take my kids trick or treating this year,” a third added. “I would rather hang out in front of that house!!!!”

“These are the types of decorations I’m cool with people leaving up all year,” one more wrote.

Last year, the same bloke went just as viral for his Metallica light show. 

‘Master of Puppets’ has had a huge resurgence in 2022 after it was featured in a climactic scene in the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’. Tom’s light show integrates that scene and the show into the routine, with monsters, characters and even a grandfather clock seen in the show lighting up the night sky at one point.

Tom has used a few other classic rock songs in his light shows. 

His ‘Enter Sandman’ show back in 2020 has gained over 4.4 million views and, although it doesn’t have drones flying up in the sky, it’s still pretty epic. 

As is his light show for System of a Down’s ‘Chop Suey’, which has 3.3 million views itself and is a must-see simply due to the lit-up pumpkins singing Serj’s lyrics. 

I know who to call this Halloween.