'I'm ready': Joseph Parker and Deontay Wilder get smack talk started ahead of huge fight
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'I'm ready': Joseph Parker and Deontay Wilder get smack talk started ahead of huge fight

The fellas kept it relatively tame but definitely made some subtle jabs.

At the first press conference for their huge heavyweight bout this December, Kiwi Joseph Parker and American Deontay Wilder made it clear they're both confident they can take home the win. 

Their bout is the co-main event on a packed card nicknamed ‘The Day of Reckoning’. With so much at stake, the two were relatively calm towards each other, showing mutual respect without backing down. 

“I respect Wilder, I respect trainer Malik Scott and everything they’ve done in boxing,” Parker said, “but he’s in my way. I know what I can do and I’m here to win."

“Throughout my career, I’ve never gone away from big fights and big opportunities. This fight with Wilder, I’m ready for it. I know we’re here doing what we need to do but I can’t wait to get back into camp and put in the work for this fight.”

When asked what advantages he has over the 6ft 5, 97kg Wilder, Parker said: “You’re gonna see. I feel like in my career I went down a bit but I’ve got my spark back. I’m going to come in with a lot of movement and speed.”

The most shit-talking Parker did came when fellow boxer Derek Chiosa, screaming from the crowd, asked Wilder what round he’d knock Parker out in. 

“Shut your mouth,” Parker replied. Considering Chiosa has lost to him twice, I’d say that’s some pretty good advice. 

Wilder showed love towards his Kiwi foe but reckons he’ll be the one to end the fight. 

“With Joseph Parker, I think highly of him,” he said. “He’s an amazing human being as a man and he’s a great fighter as well. It’s going to be a remarkable feeling to finally share the ring with him.”

“When people come to see heavyweight boxing they come to see a sight but most of all they come to see knockouts. One thing is for sure, when I come that’s what I come to deliver.”

“Come December 23rd I come to do the same thing, I come with a mission to get my title back and unify the division.”

The fight will take place on Christmas Eve (NZT), so if Parker gets the win, it’ll be a great pre-Christmas celebration for Kiwis. Leshgo.