Limp Bizkit cover ‘Killing in the Name’, pull kid on stage for 'My Generation' at Auckland gig
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Limp Bizkit cover ‘Killing in the Name’, pull kid on stage for 'My Generation' at Auckland gig

And Fred Durst went on a vaping rant.

Limp Bizkit impressed old and new rock fans at their sold-out Auckland show. 

Sweaty, intense and middle-finger heavy mosh-pit footage has emerged of Fred Durst and co. performing Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name’. 

As we all know, it’s a killer tune to get rowdy to and Limp Bizkit’s known for intense performances, so it really is a match made in heaven. 

Before that, Durst treated a kid to the unforgettable experience of leading the moshpit. 

As the band was ripping into ‘My Generation’, Durst spotted a young mosher with a sign saying it was their first-ever show. Ever the man of the people, the frontman brought the kid, named Van, on stage to have him lead the crowd in some head-banging and jumping. 

Everyone in attendance seemed to have loved the show, but Durst had one bone to pick with New Zealand. 

According to one popular NZ Reddit post, the frontman was gobsmacked at the number of vape stores in our country. 

“I noticed there are more vape stores here than I’ve ever seen in my life,” he reportedly said. 

More footage from the night shows him making his point in a much more Fred Durst way. 

“If you have a vape or cigarette in your mouth, a dirty, rotten, stinky d*ck is going in and out of your mouth.”

That’s one way to get people to quit. 

So yeah, Limp Bizkit’s NZ show nearly had it all - covers, kids and rants -the one thing missing was a shoey.

Post Malone smashed one back at his Auckland show last week and it was epic. 

To be fair, you can’t hold the lack of shoe beers against ol’ Dursty, he’s had more than his fair share of hectic on-stage moments.