Turns out there’s a Bunnings Warehouse edition of Monopoly that was only available to employees
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Turns out there’s a Bunnings Warehouse edition of Monopoly that was only available to employees

Somehow, there's been way weirder editions of the board game.

Monopoly has torn households apart and Bunnings Warehouse has built households up. As it turns out, the two have collaborated in the past.

 In 2007, the hardware store and famous game teamed up to release a Monopoly: Bunnings Warehouse edition. It was only made available to employees, but over the years it seems like a few have made their way into the wild. 

The game tokens players move around the board are items you’d find in the store like a wheelbarrow, a hammer, a BBQ and more. There is a distinct lack of a snag token and you don't save 10% every time you cross 'Go'. 

Property tiles are Bunnings locations across New Zealand and Australia, rather than your standard ones. Instead of putting houses and hotels down on properties you own, you put down Bunnings Stores and Bunnings Warehouses.

I originally thought it was pretty fucking weird to have such a niche version of Monopoly. However, TheGamer reports that there are actually 300 versions of the board game, and a lot of them are weirder. 

Like ‘Monopoly: Bass Fishing Edition’ which, according to Monopoly Wiki, “should not be confused with the ‘Bass Fishing Lakes Edition’. Apparently, there are 20 million bass anglers out there and this is aimed at them. 

There are two comments on the edition’s wiki page: “This is satanic” and "Yes". Sums it up pretty well. 

The most baffling one has to be ‘Monopoly: D-Day’. Yeah, there’s a special edition of Monopoly dedicated to one of the deadliest, albeit victorious, days of World War 2. 

Tokens include tanks, boots, a wrench and a beret. Tile locations include different battlegrounds, bases and beaches, again, where tens of thousands of people died. 

So after all, the Bunnings Warehouse edition of Monopoly isn’t even close to the weirdest version of the board game there is. Who would’ve thought it?