Tauranga man left bamboozled after being threatened by mystery note on his car windscreen
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Tauranga man left bamboozled after being threatened by mystery note on his car windscreen

a bit bloody extreme if you ask me.

A Tauranga man was left absolutely stumped after receiving a mysterious suspicious-looking business card whacked on his car windscreen with a warning.

The printed card called out the resident for his supposed bad parking and threatened to key his vehicle - A bit extreme if you ask me.

The front of the card read: “You. Yes, you. You park badly and you should feel bad. Stop. Use the bus, get a bike, or get lessons. Preferably all three.”

Flip it over and you see: “Next time you will be keyed. Thank you.”

SOURCE: u/Hoodoo89 on r/Tauranga

Aside from hitting him right in the parking ego, the card seemed completely unnecessary to the accused “badly” parked driver.

Posting pics of his ride to a Turanga community Reddit page, the man asked: "Who’s the a-hole giving these out? And can anyone figure out what the person thought was wrong with my parking?"

Now, the jury of online commenters weighed in. 

Some thought Tauranga had a secret society of parking vigilantes.

“It screams Tauranga behaviour,” one commenter wrote.

Another said: “You would have to be demented to think keying someone's car is a proportional response to bad parking.”

SOURCE: u/Hoodoo89 on r/Tauranga

While many couldn’t fault the parking job, others argued the fella might've been too cosy with the pavement or not acing the between-the-lines game.

One person said: “You parked way too close to the curb!! That's why you got it…”

“It may have bothered whoever it was that the car wasn't within the lines,” another wrote.

A third added: “The only issue I can think of is the park is it's a little close to the curb and maybe they're mad about the mirror sticking out onto the sidewalk.”

SOURCE: u/Hoodoo89 on r/Tauranga

Harsh or not? You decide.