NZ band's hectic story of scoring, then losing, then securing the opening slot for Foo Fighters
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NZ band's hectic story of scoring, then losing, then securing the opening slot for Foo Fighters

"I thought it was a joke."

One Kiwi band has shared the wild tale of how a tragedy derailed their dream gig - or so they thought. 

The Foos selected Auckland party-punk outfit Dick Move to warm the crowd for the American band’s scheduled 2023 tour of NZ. They were put on a shortlist and handpicked by Grohl and co., Newshub reported in an interview with Dick Move. 

"When Lulu (the band's bassist) casually asked us at Wine Cellar, 'Do we want to open for Foo Fighters?', I thought it was a joke," ” lead vocalist Lucy Suttor said. "Once the disbelief had subsided, it was a big 'yes' from us." 

Normally only playing in front of crowds only a couple hundred people large, the chance to open for the Foos was massive and surreal for the Kiwi band. 

“We were pretty pumped to have the chance to push ourselves way outside our comfort level,” Suttor said. 

Ever the music lover, frontman Grohl wanted to add Dick Move’s music to his personal collection, so asked them if they could flick him some of their tunes. 

"Grohl is an avid record collector apparently, and once we had accepted the opening slot we were asked if we could send him some of our vinyl.”

“It’s certainly a testament to him being a pretty cool guy I reckon."

 "Packing up some records to send to Dave Grohl was a pretty buzzy feeling I must say." 

However, when Taylor Hawkins tragically passed in 2023, the Foo Fighters cancelled their world tour, dashing Dick Move’s dreams.  

“Taylor was an essential and long-time player in Foo Fighters, so of course we felt devastated for them," Sutton said. 

"We also believed there was a high chance they wouldn't reform with a new drummer, so we just accepted that. It was pretty gutting, but we completely understood the gravity of it." 

But after recruiting drummer Josh Freese to take the sticks, the band kept their promise to Dick Move.

They’ll be rocking out before the Foos on their NZ tour, which starts this weekend, and are stoked to be a part of the ongoing legacy of putting Kiwi music on the map.

"It's massively important that international acts include local talent on the bill when they tour NZ," Sutton said. "There is so much incredible talent here it would be a waste not to."

"The industry as a whole is still getting back on its feet after years of lost momentum, so the opportunity to have exposure at that scale and the chance to play to potentially tens of thousands of people is epic, we feel very lucky." 

There are still tickets available to the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch shows, which you can nab here

It’ll be a sick fucking time.