Jetstar's fired off an OE sale with flights to Aussie and Rarotonga from $135
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Jetstar's fired off an OE sale with flights to Aussie and Rarotonga from $135

Am already sick of work so might be a bit of me.

Jetstar's running a new sale that has me tempted since I'm already feeling a bitta office fatigue. 

It's called the 'Cheeky OE Sale' and there are 11 one-way routes you can hop on for a solid price. The offers end at 11:59 PM this Saturday, so get busy booking if you're keen. 

Make sure you're reading the fine print on any of the tickets you do snag because a lot of them are just seat tickets, which means no check-in baggage (or mid-flight beers). 

Jetstar's Cheeky OE sale fares

  • Auckland to Sydney from $135^
  • Wellington to Gold Coast from $159^
  • Auckland to Brisbane from $169^
  • Christchurch to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $169^
  • Auckland to Gold Coast from $169^
  • Auckland to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $169^
  • Auckland to Rarotonga from $169^
  • Queenstown to Gold Coast from $179^
  • Christchurch to Gold Coast from $179^
  • Queenstown to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $189^
  • Queenstown to Sydney from $199^


Travel dates vary from the beginning of February to mid-September, which means you've got a bitta time to get the approval from the boss. 

If you wanna be really clever about it, New Zealand has heaps of public holidays in the first half of the year, and you can make the most of those days off by strategically using your annual leave days. 

Being smart with your leave means you can turn six public holidays into a saweet 24 days off. Check out how to suss that here

If you do end up travelling this year and find yourself dealing with cancelled flight admin, do NOT be like a Thai chef who ended up going on a 43-day bender. 

Several years ago, Uthai Waenbarb's flight home was delayed five days. Upon news of the delay, old mate hit the airport bar which he was soon kicked out of. Ever the fighter, and owner of a 30-day visa to stay in the country, Uthai decided to bend through his troubles. It did no go well for the fella. 

Best of luck on your travels out there, champions.